Tank Cleaning Overview

Potable Divers is first and foremost dedicated to preserving our natural resources. We have spent over ten years developing and researching the most economical yet effective way to clean and inspect water tanks.

Potable Divers utilizes divers allowing water districts to leave their tanks online, minimizing down time and water consumption, saving them 70+ percent of the water, money, and the time it would take to manually drain and clean the reservoir. Potable Divers uses 50% less
water and 45% less time than robotic means of cleaning as our vacuum system is over 5 feet wide and not limited on deployment due to tank and entry sizes, and internal appurtenances.
GTWC Tats 2

Using a highly trained and qualified dive team is the ONLY WAY to completely and thoroughly clean and inspect water storage facilities. Only Divers can remove debris, tighten securing hardware on ladders and safety supports, detect active leaks during the cleaning and inspection, make necessary and critical repairs, and hand clean and detail areas where a vacuum will not reach.

Conventional Tank Draining

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Robotic Tank Cleaning

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Potable Divers Tank Cleaning

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