Advantages of Using Divers

Our proprietary underwater system is a one of a kind. Featuring a rotating directional brush, an adjustable sediment intake, and being made of glass gives PDI the clear advantage.

Our superior vacuum is designed to provide the ultimate cleaning. Having the ability to control the speed and torque allows us to pick up heavier sediments, scrub problem areas, or pick up very fine loose debris/flock.

To prove its high superiority it is made of glass so it can be observed both inside and outside, by the clients and the divers. Glass can also be decontaminated more effectively than a porous metal, thus assuring the cleanliness of the equipment entering the water.

PDI also uses full dry suits mated to the diving hard hat, with sealed wrists. We ensure no contact between the diver and the water will ever
be made.

PDI ensures our clients the absolute best in products and services. PDI has always found solutions to our clients needs, and developed the specialty equipment required.