About Us

Potable Divers takes pride in our ability to mobilize quickly in responding to emergency situations. With highly experienced personnel and equipment dedicated to emergency response PDI can mobilize and be anywhere in the 12 western states in 24 hours or less. Our offices are located in eastern Utah, and southern Arizona each with equipment and personnel available to handle the most critical and difficult underwater projects.

With our staff having more than 35 years of experience we have successfully completed the most challenging underwater tasks. Salvaging pipelines, boats, and aircraft. Stopping leaks in dam stop logs, reservoir walls and lake bottoms. Pouring concrete, setting anchors, welding pipelines, dredging rivers, pipe penetration, Valve replacement and retrofitting. Our name reflects our reputation as we are an authority on hazmat diving procedures; instructing organizations such as the Rural Water Associations in different states on diving procedures and safety.

  • PDI is dedicated to finding new methods and solutions for our clients needs. We will continue to improve methods of service, and develop equipment that will satisfy the needs of the districts.
  • To provide high quality service that exceeds our clients current capabilities and expectations.
  • Our major goals include extending our services to all state and public water providers, building our client/customer base with a close eye on reputation, and providing services that are not now available.
  • Most importantly conserving our natural resources, with our specialized underwater vacuum we are able to cut the cleaning time down to a minimum, as it cleans a larger surface area, uses less water, and is more efficient than any other on the market.