Advantages of Using Divers


Our proprietary underwater system is a one of a kind. Featuring a rotating directional brush, an adjustable sediment intake, and being made of glass gives PDI the clear advantage.

Our superior vacuum is designed to provide the ultimate cleaning. Having the ability to control the speed and torque allows us to pick up heavier sediments, scrub problem areas, or pick up very fine loose debris/flock.

To prove its high superiority it is made of glass so it can be observed both inside and outside, by the clients and the divers. Glass can also be decontaminated more effectively than a porous metal, thus assuring the cleanliness of the equipment entering the water.

PDI also uses full dry suits mated to the diving hard hat, with sealed wrists. We ensure no contact between the diver and the water will ever be made.

PDI ensures our clients the absolute best in products and services. PDI has always found solutions to our clients needs, and developed the specialty equipment required.

Using a highly trained and qualified dive team is the ONLY WAY to completely and thoroughly clean and inspect water storage facilities. Only Divers can remove debris, tighten securing hardware on ladders and safety supports, detect active leaks during the cleaning and inspection, make necessary and critical repairs, and hand clean and detail areas where a vacuum will not reach.

Salvage Diving


With more than 20 years of experience we have successfully completed the most challenging underwater tasks including salvage diving.

We salvage things such as boats, helicopters, airplanes, boat docks, things that sink. Potable Divers takes pride in our ability to mobilize quickly in responding to emergency situations. With highly experienced personnel and equipment dedicated to emergency response PDI can mobilize and be anywhere in the 12 western states in 24 hours or less. Our offices are located in eastern Utah, western Nevada and southern Arizona each with equipment and personnel available to handle the most critical and difficult underwater projects. Our staff equipment and resources are unmatched.

PDI has the experience, ingenuity, and equipment to complete the most difficult underwater challenges.



Tank Cleaning and Inspections



Sediment Accumulation houses bacteria on floor and walls shielding bacteria from disinfectants.

By using Divers and leaving the tank full it eliminates the structural stress due to the old method of draining, as well as the additional labor.

No down time on water production, reducing loss of water and costs.

Tanks remain in service providing FIRE PROTECTION.

Routine Inspections will provide ample time to perform remedial repairs to abnormalities discovered before having a chance to become problematic.

“The maximum interval for periodic inspections of the tank interior should normally be 3 years” AWWA Manual M42

Potable Divers concurs with the recommendations of AWWA that all potable water reservoirs or storage tanks be cleaned at least every five years and in some cases, depending upon source waters, type and quantities of sediment, and presence (or lack thereof) of cathodic protection systems, more frequently.


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Conventional Tank Draining

Robotic Tank Cleaning

Potable Divers Tank Cleaning

Water Tank Repairs and Maintenance


As the population in our cities grow larger, the demand for water grows at alarming rates and water providers must continue to provide service for the public. Overwhelmed by the demand, they are trying to find new ways to save water, time and money, while effectively keeping the water clean and safe to drink.

Using Divers allows our clients to leave their tanks online, thus minimizing down time and water consumption, saving over 70% of the water, money and time it would take to manually clean the reservoir, with the end result being a more clean and safe environment. PDI has robotics but are only used in other aspects of commercial diving. Robotics are not used in Potable water tanks for cleaning as they are not as effective ,and cannot provide the hand cleaning detail needed to assure all sumps, drain lines, column bases, pipes, corners, seams, mixing systems, and all internal appurtenances are completely cleaned.

Sediment less than 1/2 inch deep can insulate bacteria from disinfectant chemicals. Our cleaning service eliminates bacteria and offers solutions to health problems in potable water facilities.

All services are recorded with high quality color video and sound on DVD. Video in conjunction with Digital Photos are used for a full computer generated report.

Live video and communications allow our clients to communicate directly with the diver while services are being performed.

Our proprietary underwater vacuum system is one of a kind. Featuring a rotating brush we have the ability to control the speed and torque of the brush, allowing us to pick up heavier sediments, scrub problem areas, or pick up very fine loose debris and sediments.

The vacuum head is also made of glass so it can be observed both inside and outside, by our clients and our divers, to ensure the surfaces cleaned, are scrubbed by the brush.


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